Covid-19 has certainly got the world on its toes – with number amassing thousands at the time this article was written. But what options do you have, when you have made plans to travel at this point in time and can do nothing to cancel it or at least get a refund?

Well, the general consensus would advise you not to travel, especially to countries where there are potential travel-related exposures to Covid-19. But if you REALLY have to, here is our guide on what to pack and what to look out for to avoid becoming another Covid-19 statistic.

On a side note, suspend ALL nonessential travels to China (Level 3 Travel Health Notice) and Iran (Level 3 Travel Health Notice), South Korea (Level 3 Travel Health Notice), Italy (Level 3 Travel Health Notice), suspend travel for adults with chronic medical conditions to Japan (Level 2 Travel Health Notice) and take extra precautions when travelling to Hong Kong (Level 1 Travel Health Notice).



Like similar coronaviruses, the spread os the disease happens frequently to close contacts where transmission occur via respiratory droplets.

Coughing, sneezing and touching are all vehicles for coronaviruses at the moment. Battle this by packing hand sanitizers just in case water and soap is not readily available.

Regular and consistent use of hand sanitizers/soap and water is advisory at this point in time.



Wearing a mask is not a guarantee that you won’t get sick – eyes and tiny viral particles can still penetrate masks.

But why wear them?

Well, masks are effective at capturing droplets which is a main vehicle of coronavirus. Remember to get the right type of mask! Not you novelty masks with paintings of mouths on it, those will do more harm than good.

Instead, opt for the white/blue coloured one that you see sold in boxes. Remember to discard them effectively to avoid getting sick despite taking all the precautions. The masks will not be effective if you do not practice hand hygiene as well.



Covid-19 can be stopped if we all played a part. Especially by ensuring that all the surface we have touched sanitized for the other user to use. Sure it is not in our DNA as Malaysians to help our fellow countryman, but as much as you may think the spread is down to your own efforts in fighting it, then you are dead wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with giving your place of contact a simple wipe down with soap and water or a readily available disinfectant.


As Covid-19 continues to capture the attention of the globe, efforts to battle the impact of the coronavirus should be the responsibility of all mankind. There’s not much we can do in terms of limiting travel, but if there is no need for you to visit another country anytime soon, why not simply stay at home? Right?